Stack Asset Management

What We Do

In the world of investing, there are many people or firms that “manage assets.” Although there are a number of titles that are used interchangeably in the profession, the more common are Investment Advisor, Wealth Manager and Portfolio Manager.

At Stack Asset Management we make clear what we do for our clients. Broadly speaking we handle their investment assets. We professionally manage various securities that comprise one or more portfolios to meet specified investment goals for the benefit of our clients. Specifically, our service includes asset selection, stock/fund selection, plan development and implementation and ongoing monitoring of investments. The types of accounts we manage include taxable accounts, pension plans, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, profit sharing plans, 401Ks and trust accounts. No matter what type of account your investments are in today, they can be managed by Stack Asset Management.  And we believe we can do it more effectively.

At Stack Asset Management we treat each portfolio as if it is our own. We are not in the business of gambling a client’s retirement money on a hunch. Very simply, our mission is to focus on quantitative and qualitative factors. Quantitatively, we aim to achieve the client’s financial goals through proper diversification and asset selection. Qualitatively, we seek to reward our clients’ trust by acting with integrity and character…always putting their interests first.