Stack Asset Management

What Sets Our Firm Apart?

Experience and Expertise. The combination of experience and expertise sets Stack Asset Management, a registered Investment Advisor in the State of California, apart from the typical investment firm. Most firms have brokers who have some familiarity with diversification and asset classes, however they are not responsible for the analysis behind the investments in the portfolio and most likely have not analyzed the investments or the asset classes of the portfolio. Not so with our firm.

Robert Stack has spent over 30 years successfully growing a financial firm and applied the rigorous financial analysis and discipline that is needed when constructing and monitoring portfolios. His personal operational experience allows him to study the historical results of companies and the communicated strategies of its management teams to determine their investment potential, a critical skill in determining whether a company is a sound investment for clients.

Michael Griffin spent 12 years with an investment firm that managed up to $7 billion in assets under management. Michael spent most of his tenure studying companies, sectors and industries while performing fundamental analysis to determine which sectors and companies would make attractive candidates for the portfolio. Earning his designation as a Chartered Financial Analyst, he brings to the table his experience and skill set modeling financial projections for a company or sector during the portfolio construction process.

Planning and Peace of Mind. Regardless of the life stage a client is in, Stack Asset Management can put together a financial plan that estimates the rate of return they need to fund their future financial needs. This plan allows the client to avoid taking unnecessary risk if their current assets can earn a lower (and therefore safer) return while still meeting their cash flow requirements. Robert and Michael both hold CPA licenses and have helped clients for several years with tax planning. The tax consequence of every portfolio decision made is analyzed so the tax cost or benefit is considered. Ultimately, the investment plan provides peace of mind our clients seek when they think about their financial future. 

Responsive and Relational. Stack Asset Management treats every portfolio the same: that is, differently. Where most firms will go through a process of determining essential factors of the client such as their time horizon, tolerance for risk, Stack Asset Management will construct a portfolio unique to the client because of the belief that every client is different. We communicate with our clients throughout the year to ensure that the current investment strategy is aligned with their lives—something that can change due to a new job, retirement or any other life event. 

The combination of the above factors makes Stack Asset Management the wise and rational choice for anyone that needs to make a change in how their current investment assets are being managed.  Whether you want to delegate the time-consuming chore of directing your portfolio or finally have the opportunity to speak to experts that actually understand each of your investments in great detail, Stack Asset Management is the logical choice to be your private financial advisor.

“We treat every portfolio the same: that is, differently. Where most firms go through a cookie-cutter process of determining factors such as time horizon and tolerance for risk, Stack Asset Management constructs a unique portfolio based on the belief that every client is different.”